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Third-party Tool for Blade & Soul
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Simple drop-in replacement launcher for Blade & Soul in North America, Europe and Taiwan. Manage mods, addons and plugins with a few simple clicks.
Did I mention it has Worry's and Pepe's?

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Why use Multi-Tool

Simple to Use

Designed to include the most esstential features for modding your game while keeping the process fast and easy to use.

Automatic Installation

Easily install and update the most popular plugins for loader3

Unique Features

Quickly update your game, Share and download other XML's with BnS Sync


All features usable by everyone, no subscriptions needed for additional functionality.

Easily install and update plugins

If you're new to modding your game and just want the ease of clicking a few buttons to get plugins installed without doing it manually then look no further. Easily install the most used and popular plugins for Blade & Soul with just a few clicks

  • Loader3/BNSPatch/NoGG

    Quickly install and update loader3, bnspatch and nogg (anti-cheat bypass), the building blocks for running other plugins, xml edits and multi-clienting.

  • Support for Extended Options

    Want more control over graphic settings and overall customization? Easily install Extended options to do just that!

  • BnS Sync

    BnS Sync is a unique feature exclusive to Multi-tool, easily share and download other XML's with other Multi-tool users!
    Mod Support Soon.


  • XML Editting

    Supports custom XML edits with bnspatch

  • Sync

    Share and download other XML edits

  • Game Updater

    Cut out the need for NCLauncher entirely and update your game with ease

  • Remove Effects

    Quickly remove effects and animations for classes to increase performance

  • Multi-Region Support

    Tested with NA, EU and TW Clients

  • Active Updates

    Active updates adding in new features and fixing old bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

BnS-Multi-Tool uses functionality that is picked up by some anti-virus heuristic detection methods, it is a common false-positive. BnS-Multi-Tool.exe is also unsigned and has no user trust reputation so Windows Defender will commonly pick it up as an untrusted application and block it. You can get around this by temporarily disabling your anti-virus and adding an exclusion for BnS-Multi-Tool.exe, it is recommended to have Multi tool in its own folder so you can add an exclusion to the folder.
This means you do not have .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher installed. By default this is installed on Windows 10 Operating systems but not Windows 7 or lower.
Make sure that BnS-Multi-Tool.exe is running as administrator and Blade & Soul is not currently running when trying to do various actions.
Common issues involve:
  • Loader3 (pluginloader) is not installed properly
  • Loginhelper is not installed properly
  • Client.exe in bin or bin64 has certain compatibility options enabled such as Disable full Screen Optimizations

  • You can correct some of these issues by adding an exclusion to your Anti-virus for the Blade & Soul game directory as well as going into Settings in BnS-Multi-Tool and checking the box for Remove Compatibility Options

    This is caused by Windows Defender, even if Multi-tool is excluded there are security options that prevent it from accessing Documents\BnS, disable Tamper Protection and make sure Controlled Folder Access is turned off.
    This has nothing to do with Multi-Tool, this is an issue with bnspatch, make sure everything is installed correctly and if playing in TW or KR to have BnSNoGG installed.
    If you updated the game with the Game updater tab it is possible that some files got corrupted during the patching process. Running a file check will correct those issues. If running a file check still does not work then one of the plugins installed no longer works for the current version of the game. Make sure all plugins are updated and check Modpolice discord for more information about current patches.
    Yes but actually no. If you are using options such as Auto combat anywhere in public areas you should not be, you can be reported by other players and receive anywhere from a 3-7 day suspension or account termination. Using a third party application like Multi-tool or BnS Buddy is against the terms of service and you risk your account being banned, the likelihood of that happening however is very low so long as you are descrete. Regardless I am not personally responsible for anything that happens to your account, consider yourself warned.
    Yes you can find the source code on my Github Sometimes the source code is a patch or two behind due to me forgetting to push.

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